First Impression: FabFitFun Fall 2016 Box

Living in the NYC these last couple of years have really made me fall in love and appreciate autumn! Who would’ve thought this Florida girl would love when the temperature drop a little and the leaves begin to change. Apple picking and fall festivals – happiness! I was really excited to get the FabFitFun Fall box because I think that it’ll make the transition to fall easier! Not that it’ll be that difficult!

_dsc0003_fotorI can tell the amount of work that goes into FabFitFun. The curation of the items is awesome and they are packaged really well. Everything is full sized and you immediately feel the weight of the box! The booklet is very well done as well. They have features of the owners of all of the products – they’re all women! I think that’s a great touch! They also included a leaflet with exclusive offers, which is awesome! I think this box is great, so let’s see what’s in it!

Spongellé Body wash infused buffer in Bulgarian rose (multi-use), 3oz,  $16.00: I cannot wait to use this! It smells amazing!! I’m not one for flowery scents, but this is just begging to be smelled and used.

_dsc0005_fotorGood Morning  Gorgeous travel mug by The Created Co, $19.00: This is a really cute mug, but it’s hand wash only! That’s not really any fun, but will be good at work for my tea or coffee. The cup itself doesn’t have thick walls and I fear it might burn my hands. I think I would’ve preferred ceramic, but we shall see!

Mullen & Sparrow French Lavender Body Oil, 1oz, $18.00: This body oil smells amazing. Again, not a fan of floral scents – but I love the way this smells. It went on nicely as well. It’s also organic, has simple ingredients, and is beautifully packaged.

Toesox in grey/pepper, $17.00: I’m excited to get these socks. I have dreams of being a yogi, so these will come in handy. This set was made exclusively for FabFitFun.

_dsc0065_fotorPure Collection Nude collection eyeshadow palette, $50.00: First of all, wow at the value! This is my first ever nude-type palette and I’m super excited to have and use it. It came packaged beautifully and I didn’t have any breakage. These are colors that I would actually buy, so it’s great to have them in a palette. These are paraben free, silicone free, fragrance free, and no tested on animals. I love the colors and the fact that some are shimmer and others are matte. I get the palette hype  now! Especially the nude series.

Skin Laundry restoring night serum, 1oz, $50.00: As much as I love the $50.00 of this, I always think things like this are too expensive for me to really appreciate. There’s a pump and the directions say apply 3-4 drops in the evening, after washing your face, but before your moisturizer. I wonder if the difference will be worth $50.00…

The BrowGal clear water resistant eyebrow gel, .5oz, $20.00: I’m looking forward to actually learning how to properly do my brows and now I have the tools to do it. There seems to be much cheaper options out there, but I always believe you get what you pay for!

ModCloth Loch and Key blanket scarf in tan and red, $34.99: This thing is huge and thick. 55’x55′. Goodness!!! But I’m excited to have it for the cold days I’m about to face but I also think this will come in super handy on a couple of long flights I’m going to take for an upcoming trip (as a blanket). It’s super soft and super large, looking forward to using it!!

_dsc0130_fotorFabFitFun Nature coloring book and colored pencils, $14.00: I’ve been wanting to join into the coloring book craze, but just hadn’t actually gotten around to it yet. So I’m so excited to have this set! I think I might get some crayons because I don’t have a pencil sharpener, but this is good to get me started. I love that they partnered with “Pencils of Promise” for these pencils, with the goal of increasing access to quality education for children in the developing world – love that! The coloring book has a number of different illustrators and I think that really makes it unique. So many different designs and styles make for a really creative endeavor!

Extra bonus – Secret outlast xtend clear gel, .5oz, $0.78: Deodorant is always a great practical add in for a box. I’m not generally a fan of clear gels, but I’ll assume the technology has changed over the years. It has a nice scent and I’ll put in the lineup for my travel toiletries.

Extra bonus – Cottonelle Freshcare Flushable cleansing cloths, 42 cloths, $1.74: Another awesome practical add in. You can never be too clean when you finish using the bathroom! This comes with a coupon for the toilet paper and cleansing cloths.

_dsc0032_fotorFirst impression: This is my second FabFitFun box. And I love it! All full size items. Things I can use and are great for my skin tone. Practical items! I want everything in it. I will use everything in it. I’m thinking about buying for my friends’ christmas gifts. I’ve seriously looked at sites and may have started a cart or three. I love this box! I paid $49.99 and it has a value of $238.99. I think thats an awesome deal, and even better since I will legit use everything! 

What do you think about what came in the the fall box? Do you get the FabFitFun box – what did you think?  🙂  If you’re interested in getting the box, use my referral code ( for 20% off your first box!

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