Hobbies we can do together

So I have it in my mind that I want hubs and I to have a hobby together. We both have our own hobbies and things that we like do in our spare time, but I thought it would be cool if we could have something that we like to do together in our spare time – besides eat, nap, and watch movies. We do a ton of things together, but I think a hobby is a little more intensive. I guess we could become foodies and just go around the world eating… Hmmm…. I’ll have to research that! But how will be stay slim and trim? I guess we would have to work out together… It just feels like I’m going down a dark hole here.

Anywho, as I’ve bothered hubs with this desire, he gives me a blank stare. And suggests golf. But I have no interest. I suggest traveling, but his desire isn’t like mine. So we’re at an impasse. We have decided that it needs to be something active that allows us to grow and be all around better people. But we will have to actually pick something at some time. In the mean time, I’ve put this list together and wanted to share it with this community. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Acting/improv
  • Antiquing
  • Aquarium keeping
  • Art
  • Astronomy
  • Athletics/Sports playing (team, yoga, golf, tennis, etc.)
  • Bowling
  • Camping
  • Cooking
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Fishing
  • Furniture making/restoring
  • Gardening
  • Hiking/bird watching
  • Horse back riding
  • Magic
  • Metal detecting
  • Old movie watching
  • Photography
  • Politics
  • Sailing
  • Traveling
  • Volunteering/civic causes/community service
  • Water activities (kayaking, SUP, canoeing)
  • Wine/Beer making
  • Working out (races, etc.)

So what hobbies do you have with your significant other? Or am I going down an unnecessary path? Any on the list you’ve tried?

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