How I take short mental breaks during the workday

coffee-apple-iphone-laptop-mediumWhether I’m working from home or in the office sometimes all work and no play makes Shakira go stir crazy! There are a number of articles written about taking breaks during work, and they even purpose taking breaks in various time frames. Some suggest working 50 minutes and then taking a 10 minute break, while others suggest working for 25 minutes and taking a 5 minute break. I’m of the school thought that you should take a break whenever you need one. Whether you’ve been working for 20 minutes or two hours straight sometimes your brain just needs to rest.

I find myself needing a few short breaks throughout the day. I like to take a break because it helps me refocus my creativity and my energy, helps me freshen my thinking, and it makes it easier to change between different tasks.  I generally find that I need a break around 11 o’clock in the morning and again at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. That 3 o’clock slump is real! I have calls throughout the day, so that helps break up the day.

When I need a short mental break, generally 5 to 15 minutes, here are some of the activities that I do:

  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a coffee or snack **Bonus if you can drag a fiend with you**
  • Dance
  • Read an article, blog posting, or the news
  • Daydream
  • Watch music videos or listen to music
  • Water my plants and remove dead leaves
  • Draw or color
  • Do a little bit of my jigsaw puzzle
  • Work on my budget and review my finances
  • Plan or research my next trip
  • Write a card or send an email to a friend
  • Do some stretches
  • Write in journal or diary
  • Update my to do list
  • Cleanup or organize my space
  • Meditate or pray
  • Make a phone call

What do you do when you need a short break while working?


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