First Impression: Essence Beauty Box September 2016

I’m in my feelings. My favorite beauty box is done, finished, closing up shop! Essence is leaving me ya’ll! Essence was a really affordable box for women of color and it had a great 12 month run and now, they’re _dsc0958_fotordone. It’s crazy to me because I felt like they put a ton of effort and energy into launching the box and only 12 months out and they were really gaining a good following. I’m not sure if the leadership (Read: investors) felt that subscription rates were low or too slow for their liking. Maybe if they launched and said this would only be an exclusive 12-month run, they might’ve had more subscribers up front. But these things take time, and I’m not really sure they put the time in to really grow the brand and/or didn’t have the commitment from leadership to get to profitability.

Anyway, this is my first impression of the Essence Beauty Box September 2016, “Runway Ready.” I think this was their best box yet, and yet – the last. Glad they went out with a bang. And to think, I had just upgraded to a 6-month subscription… Here are my first impressions of the box:

Free gift! Set of 4 brushes and case: These seem more like travel brushes, which is cool because I travel. I like the little case they come in. They do seem a tad cheap, but free is free!

Zoya Nail polish in Rue, $10.00: I am really in like with this color. I’ve never really been someone to wear a nude, let alone blush-type of color. It’s either bright, or nothing.  But I really like this color on. It went on nicely and looked like I barely had anything on. Who knew…!

_dsc0971_fotorBoscia Cool Blue Calming Mask, $4.25, 10g: The reviews for this are kind of middle of the road. Apparently they no longer sell this mask in Sephora, so that’s a little concerning. The reviews are also a few years old. I’ll check this out soon, but I’m not encouraged by the price, reviews, or where this can be purchased. It is a peel off mask, so I’ excited about that!

Everyday botanicals natural & curly deep penetration conditioner, $3.99, 2oz: Deep conditioners are some of my favorite things. I can’t get enough of them and love to try different ones. This smells great and has a nice texture. Hopefully it actually works!!

Black Radiance body building mascara in black, $1.49: Mascara is mascara! You can never have too much. This seems like old packaging and an old formula, but we will see!

Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads, 3 packets, $1.49: I’m looking forward to using these. They are apparently so saturated that they can take the polish off 10 nails. Right now I’m polish free, but I think I’ll throw on that Zoya polish and then use these remover pads.

Cougar loose mineral face highlighter, 2oz, $24.70: This is a beautiful highlighter and I love that it’s a mineral formula, which I prefer. I’ll probably use it as an eye shadow and also as a highlighter – on that day I understand how to use a highlighter. 🙂

First impression: The last box was an awesome box from a curation and value standpoint. I paid $12.50 and the value was $45.92, not including the brushes. I will use everything in the box and I always appreciate the variety. 

I will miss Essence, but hope they come back with something. Maybe a quarterly box or a rebrand, or something. I hate to see them go, but understand business is business. I did order a few of their past boxes and will add those items to the rotation once (and if) they come!

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