First Impression: Popsugar Must have August 2016

The August box was a couple of weeks late and came about 2 days before I got charged for the September box and around the same time as the spoilers started showing up for September. So for me, August and September feel a little rushed. But luckily, for me, the box was good – not great! And we’ll get into why. Here’s what came in my August box:

_dsc0934_fotorBaggu Duck Tote Bag in black, $26.00: This is a very basic and straightforward bag. It has snaps at the top, but I love that it has a longer shoulder strap and handles. I’ll be using this for when I need something larger than my cross body purse but smaller than my book bag. I had kinda hoped for a pattern of some sort, but ultimately I’m really happy that I got black. It’s basic and will work for all types of situations.

Christian Lacroix Ombre Paseo Sticky Note folio in grey, $13.00: I couldn’t really find this to purchase anywhere online. This is really beautifully made, but just not for me. I love the outside design and the sticky pads inside, but I don’t really use a lot of sticky notes. I think this will make for a nice gift.

DUSTI screen cleaner 3-pack in eraser, $5.95: I wasn’t really interested in these when I saw the spoilers. But I took one out and used it on my phone – wow!! I’m a believer! It got my phone clean and it just stuck to the back of my phone case. WOW!! I love these things! I think I can get  a number of uses out of one of these before the stickiness goes away.

_dsc0956_fotorCargo Blush in The Big Easy, $26.00: This is pretty and powdery, but entirely too light for me. So, not something I’ll be using and definitely something I’ll be gifting. I don’t think they were thinking of people with a variety of skin tones with this product. Looking through their stock, I’m not really sure that Cargo has too much of anything for my skin tone.

PowerGloss Triple C Universal Power Bank in Silver, $29.95: So I keep two backup batteries in my purse already. A heavy duty one and a smaller one. Do I really need a 3rd one? I love this and think its adorable, but I think I’ll be gifting.

Cookie Pop Popcorn in Cookies and Cream, 5oz, $4.00: I like popcorn. And I like Oreos. Makes sense… combine them! But really for me, it doesn’t. Feels a little bit too much and would be too sweet. But honestly, I tasted them and I really liked them. Hubs looooved them. This isn’t something that I would buy for myself, but I would buy for hubs as a sweet snack and a good alternative to Oreos.

_dsc0938_fotorFirst impression: This box really did have a back to school theme. And even though I don’t have kids and I’m not in education, it doesn’t really impact me – outside of traffic. I loved most of the box and will give the others that didn’t work for me as gifts. I paid $41.00 for this box and the value is $104.90. For what I will actually use, it has a value of $35.95. Hence why I say good, not great. Luckily I can give the others as gifts and that’ll help with the value. 

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