No Mo FOMO: Setting priorities

I’ll just start off by saying that FOMO (fear of missing out) is soooo very real! If you say that you’ve never had it – you’re lying! If you say that you don’t know what it is – you’re lying! If you say you’re completely, unequivocally 100% over it – you areeeee LYING!! I think it’s part of the human condition to want to be included and have a sense of belonging.  But sometimes, in my opinion, it goes too far.
I’ve been there, done that with FOMO. Going into debt or putting myself in precarious situations because I’m trying to keep up with the Jones’s or be a part of something (that I think is special)… Not goin’ do it anymore. Feeling uncomfortable and not listening to my gut… not in the cards for me. The real question is, what am I really missing out on? What did I think I was missing out on? I think it’s really important to set priories to help curb FOMO.
lights-party-dancing-music-mediumWhen I really take the time to think about what I think or felt that I was missing out on, it was spending the time with my friends and family – not doing that specific thing. Missing the concert or the party wasn’t about not seeing that artist. Let’s be real, I would never meet them and I wouldn’t be in the front row. But I missed singing the songs with my friends, dancing to live music, and just having an awesome time! I was missing the experience and quality time with friends/family, but not the artist themselves.

So, in an attempt to try and be a half-way decent person and banish, ok decrease, the FOMO in my life, I’ve been focusing more on being purposeful in the experiences that I want to have had in my life. Setting priorities for my life and keeping them at the forefront of my decision making. As I’ve gotten older and somewhat wiser, my fear is not that I will miss out on something, but that I will miss out on living my best life. A few of things that run through my mind of what I want my life to be are…

  • Living my best life and have the experiences I want to have had
  • Building an amazing life with my husband
  • Being with my family and friends to experience all of their successes

pexels-photo-130111-mediumBut I’m also balancing the things I want out of my life against our goal of being debt free and my travel priorities. So when something comes up or I’m invited somewhere and I decline, it’s not because I don’t want to attend that event or spend time with my family or friends, it’s that my priorities aren’t aligning.

So I guess that my FOMO is decreased due to my pursuit of the greater good! Adulating and abiding by my priorities. Our family goals and my personal goals (I write about it a little), which lead to my priorities. Understanding both of these things have really helped me shape how I lead a purposeful life everyday and it allows me to direct my time and energy to a place with the greatest impact on my life. So, in my opinion, it’s hard to have a fear of missing out on something, when you are led by your priorities.

What are your priorities? Do they lead your life and the decisions you make? How do you cope with FOMO?

  1. This was good. When I started blogging, I really had to prioritize and consider what was most important. I’m an extrovert so I wanted to be included and involved in everything. I’m learning to prioritize and consider what’s of importance and what needs to be left alone. Thanks for this.

    • Agree! I want to see and do everything, but its not feasible. And everything isn’t for everyone. So understanding what was important gave me direction.

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