Loving from afar

They say that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Wouldn’t you like for those 5 people to be positive rays of light in your life, instead negative energy? For them to invest in you and build you up instead of take away and tear down? For you to see them as vehicles of growth instead of energy suckers?

To me, it’s really about how you would like to live your life and where you would like to focus your energy. You’ll sometimes hear about people cutting off those that are not congruent to their current goals. But I believe that there is still room for those people in your life, but with two caveats. 1. They don’t get a lot of room in your life. 2. They are loved from afar. I don’t believe in burning bridges…

pexels-photo-27141-mediumWe all have family and friends that we have known forever, but our lives have gone in completely different directions. They made different choices, took different paths, and have lives different than that of yours. Keeping your distance and loving them from afar doesn’t mean that you don’t love them anymore. It means that you love yourself more. Limit your interactions and strive to make sure those interactions are in a positive light. This is the same for family and friends. Over time they will see your energy and will decide how they would like to move forward – even if that means not moving forward together. Sometimes this might bring anger, spite, jealously – all you can do is move forward and have a positive attitude. As my dad would say, “everyone in your life is there for a reason and a season.” And sometimes that season is your entire life and other times – it isn’t!

It’s about self-preservation. It’s about loving yourself more. It’s about choosing you.

Free yourself from guilt – Why would you feel guilty about the hard work and choices you’ve made?

Free yourself from unreal obligations – If your presence feels obligatory, do you really want to be there?

Free yourself from unnecessary distractions – Some people are only around to interfere with your progress. Put them in their place, love them fro afar, and keep moving forward in your journey.

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