First Impression: bareMinerals Beauty Surprise July 2016

I’m a big fan of bareMinerals! Most of the makeup I’ve actually paid for is from them. I wear their foundation and eye shadow regularly. The rest of the makeup I have comes from beauty subscription boxes… I know! Such the beauty maven! 🙂 That’s fine. I live in my truth. Never really been a fan of makeup, but when my face is beat, you can not tell me anything! Real talk.

_DSC0881_FotorAny who… I bought this mystery box because a) I love bareMinerals and b) I love a mystery… Have we not already covered this with my first impressions of multiple subscription boxes?? Luckily this isn’t a subscription and only comes out once a month. I feel it’s generally items that they have too many of or are being discontinued. The colors are also pretty neutral, so I feel comfortable spending my money on this. It was an 11-item box for $32.00 (free shipping) with a purported value of $159.00. So, what came in the box?

Precision eye & Cheek brush (x2): Honestly, I wouldn’t even know what to do with these two brushes. I’ll use both sides as they’ve indicated (eye and cheek), but one has a angle and I’m not really sure why that’s important.

Double-ended full tapered shadow and blush brush: I like that I feel like I’m getting a 2 for 1 deal on brushes… So theres that!

Pop of Passion lip oil-balm in crimson pop: I’ve been wanting to try a lip oil, but I didn’t expect it to be a solid. It’s a moisturizing lip stain and is good for everyday wear. Looks natural-ish to me!

_DSC0902_FotorPrime Time foundation primer in neutralizing: I’ve only used the smash box primer, but I’m not really sure I know the difference. We shall see!

Ready All-over face color in elation: This isn’t all-over face color for my face color… BUT, it makes for a nice blush.

Lash Domination in intense black: I generally like their mascara, so looking forward to using this.

Big & Bright eyeliner in charcoal: Love black eye liner! And I really like their eye liners.

Big & Bright eyeliner in espresso: Not really sure how I’d use the brown… So we will standby on this one.

Marvelous Moxie in spark plug: Nice shiny neutral color!

Swatches of makeup

Swatches of makeup

Skinsorials 3-part sample packet: I’ve never used their skin care line, so happy to use this.

Gold makeup bag: It sparkles! That’s enough!

First impression: I paid $32.00 for this set. I’m not thrilled with all of the brushes because I honestly don’t know what to do with them. I honestly wanted some eye shadow. That’s my favorite type of makeup from them. But everything I got was fine. I’m looking forward to using the lip items, eye liner, and mascara. Definitely worth the $32.00, but wanted an eye shadow. Oh well… maybe next time! 

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